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Ranch Retreats

Customizable equine experiences for your group or team

When we need to reconnect with ourselves, we head to the ranch.

It is with the horses, in the beauty of nature, where we are reminded to breathe, to get out of our heads (as best we can), and to come back into relationship with what is important in life.  Given the current times, we are guessing there might be others who are longing to feel more connected to themselves, to others, and to the natural world.​


Anyone who is drawn to spending a day at the ranch learning with the horses.  


  • Introduce you to the wisdom of the horse

  • Interact with horses on the ground, remember the power of non-verbal communication

  • Tap in to the wisdom of your inner voice, the one that knows what you need

  • Connect with one another, and remember we are all in this together

  • Experience “horse time” where digital devices, watches, and tight timelines disappear

  • Deeply listen to one another and make new friends


We are Judith Forrest, Jessica Pinto and Stephanie Holdenried; three professional women with different backgrounds and a shared reverence for horses.  We are on this journey with you.  ​


We offer half day and full day experiences.  The full day includes 

a healthy, yummy lunch.

Using the pure and reciprocal relationship with the horse as a vehicle to promote insight, learning and connection, this experience will offer a unique opportunity to access your authentic self and true leadership style in a beautiful natural setting.  Through facilitated exercises with the horses and one another, we will pay attention to what emerges.  When we are open to receiving their wisdom, horses can help us reconnect with ourselves and improve the ways we relate to others.  If diving into this mystery intrigues you, come and invite the horses to support your journey.

Ready to restore?

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