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​Leadership and Team Development with Horses

We work with companies who invest in their employees and want to see them thrive and flourish; companies who
know making a stand, being a steward, being responsible and taking care of their people is most important --
and will still result in goals being met. 
If your company has similar ideals, then we'd like to help you with your mission.

In the workplace, we are always leading as well as following. That sounds easy enough but in practice we
often run into challenges like: 
 How might I motivate or influence more effectively? 
 How can I improve my communication with a co-worker or with my team members?  
 What am I doing that elicits certain reactions?  
Learning to be an effective leader and team member requires a commitment to individual learning and
continual practice within teams. Simply put, if we want to see change and to learn: we must always start with
Horses are master teachers of many of the components that are essential to effective leadership and teamwork.
Their keen sensitivity, reliance on one another and ability to live in the present moment help us tap into our
own natural abilities that are often overlooked and underutilized. 
Benefits of facilitated experiences and on-the-ground interactions with our wise horses:
 Develop clear and congruent communication skills
 Build trust and mutual respect
 Move with intention and commitment
 Learn to turn obstacles into opportunities
 Window into leadership styles
Being outdoors, in the presence of horses, teams are able to tap into their own unique capabilities. 
This is experiential learning at it’s finest as we allow you to have your own experience. As facilitators, we
work with what shows up to help identify and integrate the learning into your individual and team situations.
The work is pure in that we do not know what the horses will do. We do not manipulate situations to achieve a
particular outcome. We invite you to bring an open mind and heart and allow the horses to work their magic on
you and your team.

Horse Legs


Fully customized experiences for individuals and teams
 Half and full-day packages available
 Variety of leadership models supported
 Half-Day itineraries available for individual leadership mentoring with the horses
 The learning consists of a blend of facilitated activities with the horses, individual and team
processing and the application of learnings to the workplace.

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